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Alexander Griffin - Career(s)

Pyramid of Possibilities control boards w/accelerometers, RS485 and OctoWS2811 drivers

Web/Internet Programming (a.k.a. LAMP platform)

Throughout my college studies I gained an interest in Internet and Client-Server architecture. I had the opportunity to work with a vast array of programming languages and systems. This ideal combo prepared me for LAMP platform architecture. LAMP stands for "Linux / Apache / MySQL / Perl" and is sometimes referred as the "LAMP stack" or "LAMP platform." When I try to describe what I do the conversation goes like this: I program in HTML, XML, Java, Javascript, AJAX, Perl, SQL, PHP, C and C++. Most of the e-commerce work I do is in Perl. By my estimate there are over 250,000 lines of my Perl code currently in use over various parts of the Internet. No, I don't speak Klingon and I am not a nerd.

I have been a freelance consultant in this field for many years and it is currently the bread-and-butter of my income. My job is portable! Give me internet and a cellphone and I can telecommute from anywhere in the world. And I often do. I *love* my career and I have much respect for the clients I work for.

For all structured languages I program in "banner style." This may be somewhat unusual to most programmers. I feel it is easier to follow than the more popular "Kerninghan & Ritchie" block style.

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