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Alexander Griffin - Traveling the World

Hello fellow travelers! Like you I've been on some interesting and unusual adventures in my little life. Probably one of the best times was living in Galway City, Republic of Ireland for 2-1/2 years. I had a green card and worked for Compaq Computer as a nine-to-five contractor. I enjoyed working there and had a lot of respect for the people in my group. Practically an ideal job. Then, when the day was done and I walked out of Compaq... I was in IRELAND! I was on vacation for the next sixteen hours! Life Is Good.

The other foreign location where I've spent a significant amount of time is Cozumel, Mexico. Over the course of ten years I'd say over a year of my life was living in downtown San Miguel, enjoying Mayan culture and a helluva lot of scuba diving. Mostly I dove with Aqua Safari (now owned by a hotel congolmerate), Chili Charters (a great outfit! try them!) and Tres Pelicanos (another great outfit). I have also spent hundreds of hours cave diving in the systems both on Cozumel and in the Riviera Maya.

Countries I Have Visited

USA Parks and Areas I Enjoy Visiting

Burns I've Attended

Note that some of these events are sanctioned Burning Man Regionals and some are not. I don't try to distinguish when I attend, so I didn't distinguish in this list. If it features fire as a primary art form, it is a "Burn."

Non-Burn Festivals I've Attended


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